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Casa de Nazaret Prayer Center. Torreon, Coah., Mexico

Each call to God is a mystery, in which he invites to grow in his trust as collaborating instruments for his Kingdom.

Our Prayer Center began with a brief call by Maria Rosa Rodríguez de Martínez inviting one of the servers to share in the Codependency workshop in Torreón, Coah., in September de 2010.

The proposal took a few months of discerning with Father Luis Salas Herrera. Six months later we began the Codependency workshop in the Parish "Todos los Santos" with the support of Father Víctor Manuel Gómez (April of 2011). They had experienced an emotional and spiritual healing at the Prayer Centers in Querétaro “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús y de María” and México “Sagrado Corazón” and wished to share that with those who desired it.

Later the workshop was given at different parishes of the Diocese such as “Milagro de Canná” and Cathedral of “Nuestra Señora del Carmen”, directed by the Priests Rogelio Bautista and Gerardo Zatarain García. The small project was accepted in each location and it seemed to be giving unimaginable results, which greatly motivated me.

The school of Spiritual growth and inner healing (SSG) began in august de 2012 with the authorization and support of Gloria Guerra Montemayor, director of the Prayer Center México. In wanting to continue working with our personal history we also desired to have a deeper healing experience.

We are at present a team of 6 people who having finished the program Wheeler I and we have wanted to answer to God’s call which he does with freedom and aware of our weaknesses. Our Spiritual Director at “Casa de Nazaret” is Father Gerardo Zatarain García and the Archbishop of the city Don José Guadalupe Galván Galindo has given his authorization to collaborate in the Diocese, which has made us very happy and certain of God’s will.


The Mission of the Center is to welcome the name of Jesus Christ to people, couples and families who suffer from spiritual and emotional wounds, accompanying them in a healing process so that they can have adequate relationships, be in harmony and develop their whole being in such a way as to experience the love of God. In this way to be able to contribute to the improvement of our community through the people and programs prepared for this ministry.



We are co-dependant when we discover that our lives revolve around another person and we feel we don’t have a life of our own and we are a victim of others. The workshop aims to teach us to choose to establish healthier human relationships.


After having begun a personal recovery process, the objective of this workshop is to delve more deeply in the areas of abuse, boundaries, dealing of money and the role usurpation. It offers the concrete tools to be able to direct our steps towards healing.


The course of “healing my wounds” brings us the opportunity to learn to pray and know the wonderful power that prayer has in the inner healing process. The purpose is to be able to heal the different wounds that have marked our lives and that affect our person and our relationships. These wounds have to do with our history, that is why it is important to be able to touch them with Jesus’ healing love. The only way to be able to handle so much pain is through the presence of Jesus and the valuable help of prayer.
God’s grace will be revealing it little by little, and will accompany in this process. You will have the opportunity to see his face and feel his presence and magnificence within you. There will be moments where you will know him and express all the feelings regarding him or the life you have lived, getting as a result of all this a healthy relationship between you and God.


The objective of this course is to recognize and free the persons from the existing blocks that prevent the spiritual growth and true joy of life. This is directed towards those who are interested in their integrated inner healing, psychologically and spiritually, through the spirituality of Saint Ignacious of Loyola.
It tries to enable the contact and experience of Jesus through contemplation to establish Christ as the center of one’s own life and thereby committing with him into an intimate union to be able to offer a selfless service to others.