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Nuestra Señora de Montserrat Prayer Center. Barcelona, Spain

The "Centro para la recuperación y el crecimiento psicoespiritual: Nuestra Señora de Montserrat", is a non-for-profit private association of lay people who share one same ideal and mission. Our spirituality is basically that of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Lic. Lorena Reyes is the director. The apostolic director and founder is Jesuit Priest Father James J. Wheeler, S.J.

"Nuestra Señora de Montserrat" Prayer Center belongs to the Society of Our P.C. of Our Lady of Guadalupe, formed by other centers in the United States, Mexico and other countries. We offer workshops/courses created by psychologists and catholic priests, designed for the essential growth and inner healing of the human person.

The first pilot courses emerge in the year 1999 in Barcelona, Spain as the fruit of “El Centro de Oración del Sagrado Corazón” (The Sacred Heart Prayer Center) in Mexico City. They started in the year 2002. Since then, countless amount of people have been assisted through Christian psychology as individuals, couples or in groups.

The services offered are based on methods which integrate diverse psychological tools, with Christian prayer. We invite Jesus to bring his love to the wounds of a person, through the Holy Spirit. Some techniques and knowledge of psychoanalysis, of humanistic and cognitive psychology are used to help discover and become aware of what is necessary to work on and change in order to carry out this process.

We count on the support of some priests among which are:

  • Father Xavier Morlans
  • Father Juan José Gallego
  • Father Joan Martínez
  • Father Antoni Oriol


Help people in their growth and integrated recovery: psychological, emotional and spiritual.  

  • Discover and gradually eliminate blocks which prevent a person from loving God, themselves and others.
  • Provide the knowledge and methods for each person to know themselves and actively participate in their growth and recovery.
  • Help people towards their bio-psycho-social-transcendent integration.

  • “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest.” . Mt. 11, 28-30.

    To bring the love, mercy and healing of Jesus Christ to human beings. .

  • To help a person know how valuable and important they are to God and how much they are loved.
  • To allow Jesus to reveal the history of each person under the light and sight of God.
  • To help discover the wounds that need to be healed.

  • “So if the son sets you free you will be free indeed.” . Jn, 8, 36.

    To find and foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ..

  • To provide the prayer methods and knowledge necessary for each person to be able to discover their unique and untransferable relationship with Jesus.
  • To provide counsel and guidance in the fundamental truths of the Catholic Church in relation to the new existing philosophies.

  • "It was our infirmities that He bore, our sufferings that He endured [...] by his stripes we were healed.”Is. 53, 4-5.

    These objectives are achieved through:.

  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Talks
  • Individual and couple assistance


    Depression is one of the most common illnesses. We will talk about the types of depressions and we will offer psychological, medical and spiritual resources to be able to face them.


    Which is the psychological process of forgiveness? How do I know if I have forgiven? During this workshop we will work through our forgiveness process on a psychological and spiritual level.

    «Lord, how many times must I forgive? [...] seventy times seven.» (Mt. 18, 21-22)


    This workshop has been given since the year 1978 in numerous catholic community in the United States and Latin America. It is part of the basic workshops of the Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe workshops. It is overseen by the Jesuit community of Wisconsin, U.S.A. The methodology, prayers and contents is approved by the Catholic Church.



    KNOWING ways of how to relate and its effects on my self-esteem.
    EXPERIMENTING changes of attitudes, boundaries and roles.
    GROWING in self-knowledge and the fulfillment of my diverse needs.
    INTEGRATING boundaries and changes in the present moment.


    Defining and developing the pillars of self-esteem and through personal work and dynamics we will work each one of them.
    Self-awareness and self-acceptance, personal responsibility and conscious being are some of the themes we develop.


    The wounds and messages received from our surroundings: school, family, religion etc. Many times are not healthy of incoherent. They halt or distort the growth of our true identity. False roles and false forms are created with which we relate. A void is created and an interior disconnection. On occasion it gives rise to addictions and inadequate relationships.
    Through this workshop we will learn to relate in healthy ways leaving room to be whom we are and allowing others to be responsible for their own lives.


    A person’s growth goes through different stages, from conception to death. In each stage gifts are developed that help us mature, grow and be happy. The wounds and lacks suffered in these stages halt personal growth and diminish the capacity to love God, love oneself and love others.


    Process through which a person is accompanied to overcome the emotions that the wounds have left in their lives. Jesus is invited to be present in the painful memories through different prayer methods and integrated psychotherapy.
    Therapy can be for an individual or as a couple. Adolescents, young adults or adults are welcome.