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Nuestra Señora de la Luz Prayer Center. Puebla, Pue., Mexico

We are a Catholic prayer center, directed and started in Puebla in February of 1996, by Ma. del Carmen von Raesfeld, with the support of the Sagrado Corazón Prayer Center in Mexico, D.F.

We form part of the Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe which include the prayer centers in México, United States, Spain and Costa Rica.

We develop Psychotherapy in the faith, through courses-workshops seminars, retreats, traditional therapy and therapy in prayer. We receive prayers from the sister order of Carmelitas Descalzas de San José and de Santa Teresa in Puebla.


We are called to be a prayer community to bring to people who suffer from emotional and spiritual wounds, accompanying them in their healing process to their encounter with God. Our Mission includes assisting Priests and Religious.
The prayer center opens its facility to outside workshops that share in our philosophy and so are recommended by us.


All the workshops are structured by psychology professionals integrated to the catholic spirituality, through which the participants, experiencing God’s unconditional love, begin to heal their wounds, increasing their self-esteem through the encounter with Jesus in their lives, increasing their growth with deep and lasting changes.


The lack of forgiveness is keeping an open wound and making it present every time that we bring it to mind. The resentment ties me to the person who hurt me when I constantly remember the situation that left in me prints of pain and perhaps anger be it rejection, abandonment, or abuse. It is utopia to think that forgiveness comes only with the desire of forgiving; it is a grace and as such we must ask God for it, knowing that we have to go through a process to achieve it.
Nobody wants to continue tied to the person who hurt us however it is what we do when we are unable to forgive. In order to be free, we need to leave behind that wound that torments us and for that we need to break the chains of resentments, wishing at least the desire to forgive.
This process will help you get rid of the poison of resentment which hurts you so much and prevents you from being happy, to choose to have a compassionate and merciful heart like Jesus.


This is a course that will help you not drown more and more in pain and depression. Little by little it brings you to heal the dark times in your life bringing you to the light and discovering that the mission of the human being is to be happy and free. Depression prevents you from seeing the good that your life has coming out of yourself to enjoy what this disease has taken from you. It is a course that brings you from sadness to discover that your life has many options if you know how to find them and by faith’s hand to find that the pain you suffer is not permanent, that you can come out of it and you are called to realize that you have never been alone, that you can learn and grow from depression as a human being.
From depression towards hope opens new horizons, helping you to be a better person and to grow emotionally and spiritually, changing your life and the life of those around you.


Whoever loves himself is capable of loving and valuing others. This workshop has the objective of helping the participant to:

  • Define what is self-esteem.
  • Delve into where self-esteem is born.
  • Evaluate your self-esteem
  • Facilitate the change of dysfunctional attitudes towards themselves for other more functional ones.
  • This workshop allows us to discover how a low self-esteem takes us to sabotage your achievements in life establishing mistaken beliefs regarding your dignity and value as a person, affecting your behavior, your capability, the way you relate with your family, work, and social environment, prevent you reach your goals.


    "It is not the experiences in life that make life ill, rather how we carry them in our body”.
    Did you know that your body holds the memory of what you have lived, even when your mind has forgotten it or denied it?
    This workshop was based on the technique of the Biospiritual Focusing, it teaches a simple and respectful way of listening to the language of your body, and to know how the feelings are expressed within, going deeper in the therapeutic processes and allowing the spiritual, emotional and physical integration.
    Whoever learns to be in contact with their feelings and what is real in himself, even when it doesn’t change anything in their surroundings, all changes for them.


    Prenatal Studies have shown with certainty, that all our experiences in the maternal womb, from conception to birth, produce an important and prolonged effect in our lives, forming the template in which our physical, emotional and spiritual development will be molded.
    In this way the stressful events that the parents suffer during the babies gestation such as a conflictive relationship, a difficult financial situation, family problems, illness, loss of all kinds, abuse, etc. will also produce a high level of suffering and stress in the baby.
    When the pregnancy is of high risk, the stress and suffering of the baby will be greater, if there was a separation during various days from the mother, or if it is an unwanted baby, had thoughts of losing it or giving it for adoption or attempted abortion.
    Even when the pregnancy developed in the best of conditions, the birth process in itself is a stressful and traumatic event for the baby, more so when there was obstetrical intervention such as cesarean, forceps, anesthesia, use of inductors, etc. many of which are necessary to save the life of the baby or the mother, but many others can be avoided.
    In any of the previous situations, events of this type can be potentially traumatic and produce a shock in the baby, leaving prenatal and/or perinatal memories which have negative and lasting impacts and can influence in the development.
    This trauma or shock can leave physical traces such as orthopedic problems, different diseases, motor alterations, cerebral paralysis, neurological damage etc. It can also manifest itself in psychological and emotional aspects such as hyperactivity, attention deficit, learning disability, excessive crying or no crying, difficulty in feeding, lack of sleep, temper tantrums, phobias, leaving inconclusive things, problem with authority, lack of bonds, inability to achieve, difficulty in making decisions, among other things.
    These consequences will not disappear while the shock is not resolved and will continue limiting the development of the person, be it a baby, child, young adult or adult. In the experience the achievements that have been accomplished through this treatment is that the person discovers the roots of the limitations, and is helped to resolve this shock and is able to change what they feel necessary to change.
    Treating Birth trauma brings hope because it’s never too late to live a better life.


    Over more than twenty years that we have worked with people addicted to unhealthy relationships giving codependency courses, we have seen that although we were created to be happy, to love and to be loved, throughout the course of our life and for very diverse reasons, we have lost contact with this purpose and what is worse, with ourselves, making us totally unhappy.
    The work of Erik Erikson through the eight development stages of a healthy integrated person, helps us to understand the nature of a person in each stage. It shows us which is the virtue obtained in each stage so that we know what we lack and in our faith we ask for the grace in each stage.
    We believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ and his desire to restore in us our ability to love and be loved, remembering the road that leads us to reconnect with him and our purpose in life.
    This workshop allows us to realize what we did not before, for whatever reason, and to obtain it now. It is never too late to help our inner child grow, obtain what he didn’t have, live his loss and process forgiveness.


    In this course it brings us the opportunity to learn and pray and know the wonderful power that prayer has in inner healing. The purpose is to be able to heal the different wounds that have marked our lives and that today affect our person and our relationships. These wounds have to do with our history, hence it is important to be able to touch them with Jesus healing love. The only way to be able to deal with so much pain is through the presence of Jesus and prayer.
    You will also be able to remember significant times in your life that have left an imprint and hear experiences of other people who perhaps will also help you connect with memories that perhaps had been forgotten due to the magnitude of pain they caused. God’s grace will reveal them little by little and will accompany you in this process.
    You will also have the opportunity to see his face and feel his presence and magnificence within you. There will be moments where you can encounter him and express all your feelings regarding him or the life you have lived, resulting in a healthy relationship between God and yourself.


    Human beings are born with the purpose of loving and being loved. It is these experiences of love from the most tender infancy that allows us to feel connected with ourselves, with others, with God and the creation. Sometimes, due to diverse experiences in life, the bridges that connect us to these fountain of love, generating a deep feeling of loss and mourning, The workshop’s objective is the learning of ways to process loss mourning one loss at a time such as:

  • Not having had parents who loved us as we needed and deserved.
  • Not having had a stable family environment
  • Loss of family through death, travel, divorce etc.
  • Loss of financial stability.
  • The list of loss and mourning can be never ending, and so the need to learn to process is pivotal in being able to live in the present.


    Co-dependency is an illness that manifests in the inability to form positive participation in a relationship given that co-dependent is not in contact with, and thus not in a relationship with himself. He presents problems of self-esteem, in establishing functional limits, in the care of his own needs, maturity problems and handling of reality.
    The workshop has the objective to enable the participant to choose and establish freer human relations:

  • Gives the necessary tools to allow to know the degree, roots and manifestations of his own co-dependency.
  • Allows for healing of the inner child.
  • Provides the resources, space and group that allows the beginning of the recovery process.