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The mission of the Society of Prayer Centers of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Inc.
The mission of the Society of Prayer Centers of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Inc. is to receive, through the various Prayer Centers, the people with special suffering of the heart and spirit. Each Prayer Center, by his own charism, is present to those suffering from mental illness, whose lives are in turmoil and personal weakness, and to all that carry marks of the crowning with thorns. It strives to listen with compassion and hope to the cry of Jesus that resounds continuously throughout the earth in the deep pain and often despair of their lives.
We want to be available for spiritual direction to those souls who seek to go further in their walk with Christ and His constant guide with the help of His Mother Mary. For those who want to enter into a deeper union with God, their loving Father and also wanting more complete healing in Jesus accompaniment. Yearning to realize their own worth and the immense love God has for them and the desire he put in their hearts to give their life to the service and love of others.
Our Philosophy is to facilitate human interrelationships through listen out, prayer, sacraments and forgiveness to allow Jesus Christ spread his Holy Spirit. Our contribution is the growth of the body of Christ in a functional and healthy Catholic environment.
We can see each person we attend heal his private, familiar and social life and the service every one gives in his community and other institutions in which are involved.
Every Prayer Center is a “psychological and spiritual hospital” where participants find courses, workshops, conferences, retreats, individual or group attention and other services to facilitate inner healing and a deeper relationship with Jesus.
Our recipients are those persons of the mystical body of Christ, we are open to all catholic people, marriages, youth, religious communities, laics or consecrated persons which want to begin a process of inner healing.