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San Miguel Prayer Center. Parral, Chi., Mexico

In the year 2010 and through the initiative of Mrs. Verónica Córdoba Vázquez and Father José Antonio Gamboa Grajeda, who at the time was Vicar of the Parish Of our Lady of San Juan de Los Lagos, and who knew people from the San Jose Center in the city of Chihuahua, Chih., manifested to our directors Josefina Ordoñez and Manuel Pérez to show their interest in opening a prayer center in the city of Hidalgo del Parral, Chih.

They immediately invite the community of the Parish of our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos to take the first course of Jesus frees I (Codependency), with 44 attendees. The directors of the Center of San José in Chihuahua city facilitated the workshop, at the house of Hgo. del Parral Chih attended by the Congregation of the sisters of San Carlos Borromeo where workshops are presently conducted.

The Center was named: “San Miguel” (St. Michael).

The first two years were of much preparation and many obstacles, with the passing of the Bishop of the Diocese who had given the authorization for the creation of the prayer center: Don José Andrés Corral (May he rest in peace).

The appointment of the new bishop took almost two years. It was not until the year 2013 that we began the first workshop with 8 servers with much success, 104 people enrolled.

At the end of the workshops Jesus Frees I and Jesus Frees II ten people joined the service team who at present are facilitators of the workshops given.

We created a board with the objective of having the participation of a larger amount of people in the decision making, as well as being able to share the responsibility more equitable.

The board was organized as follows:

Spiritual Director : P. Rubén Bañuelos Luna
Director: Rosa Manuela Herrera.
Secretary: Juana Inés Gutiérrez Salinas
Spirituality: Delia Pérez de Chávez and Rosa De Lima Ramírez de Gallegos
Finances: Blanca Chávez de Ramírez
Logistic and general support: Leticia Montes de Cano and Ma. Guadalupe Ortiz de Ponce
Workshop coordination: Armida Aguirre de Payán


The Mission of the Center is to welcome the name of Jesus Christ to people, couples and families who suffer from spiritual and emotional wounds, accompanying them in a healing process so that they can have adequate relationships, be in harmony and develop their whole being in such a way as to experience the love of God.
In this way to be able to contribute to the improvement of our community through the people and programs prepared for this ministry.



We are co-dependent when we discover that our lives revolve around another person and we feel we don’t have a life of our own and we are a victim of others. The workshop aims to teach us to choose to establish healthier human relationships.


After having begun a personal recovery process, the objective of this workshop is to delve more deeply in the areas of abuse, boundaries, dealing of money and the role usurpation. It offers the concrete tools to be able to direct our steps towards healing.


Society has undergone diverse processes of violence, which have hurt the hearts of thousands of people. The bereavement workshop is geared towards all those who have suffered the loss of a family member, who are going through a divorce, among other things. Through the diverse sessions, the person is accompanied so as to overcome the pain this situation is bringing, and thus being able to move forward with their lives.