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Sagrado Corazón Prayer Center. Mexico City​

The Sagrado Corazón Prayer Center was founded in 1983 by Elia María Barnetche de Maqueo, Ma. Esther Barnetche and Tesha Prieto de Martínez Báez who at the time, were part of the prayer for the sick ministry at Holy Cross Parish in Pedregal when Fr. Anselmo Murillo, MSpS was the Parish Priest.

Elia, Ma. Esther and Tesha met Fr. James J. Wheeler, S.J at an ACT (Association for Christian Therapists) meeting of which they were part of since 1978. Fr. Wheeler invited them to do the SSG The “School for Spiritual Growth and Inner Healing” program based on the exercises of St. Ignatius. When they finished, they asked his authorization to translate and share it with fellow ministry parishioners whom they thought would greatly benefit from it. ​

Fr. Wheeler authorized the translation and invited them to take the SSD (School for Spiritual Direction), each one lasting two years.

While all this was happening, the idea to start a center in Mexico City, similar to the one father Wheeler had in Albuquerque and New York grew. This would allow not only to minister one to one but also to teach the SSG “School for Spiritual Growth and Inner Healing”.

In 1989 Maria Esther, Elia and Tesha wrote two books on Codependence: “I want to be Free” and “Free from Addictions”. The first book was broadly promoted and successful. This brought to the center many people seeking to heal through prayer and the invitation to be broadcasted on radio and TV as part of a ministry that would reach a larger number of people who would be exposed to prayer.

Several Prayer Centers have been formed as a fruit of the growth, programs and presence of the Prayer Center in other parts of the country because of the many requests received to bring the workshops.

SWe are acknowledged as an Association of Lay Catholic by a Decree signed by Monsignor Felipe Tejeda García MSpS extended by the III Epicospal Vicariate of the Archdiocese of Mexico.


"Be constant in Prayer." Colosenses 4, 2

The Sacred Heart Prayer Center has as its Mission the integral growth of the person and the physical, emotional and spiritual healing through the programs, workshops and personal inner healing prayer processes.
It aims to bring people to an encounter with a living Jesus. Therefore all our efforts aim to help those in need of the merciful and healing love of Jesus so that through Him, they can find themselves.
We tend mainly to the spiritual part of man, through inner healing and working towards the overall integral growth of a person.
From its beginnings Sacred Heart Prayer Center has had as its priority the attention of priests, people in a consecrated life and committed lay people to the Church.

"My house shall be called House of Prayer by all people." Isaiah 56, 7
The Sacred Heart Prayer Center is an oasis in the mist of the city where Jesus is present for those who need Him.



Intensive treatment for codependence in a secure and separate environment of the participant’s everyday life, in order to fully enter the personal work.
Applying the tools and methods of "The Meadows" Clinic for recovering Codependents in Phoenix, Arizona, we use varied therapeutic tools based on the Post-induction therapy, developed by Pia Mellody, recognized by professionals dedicated to addictions, as an authority on this field. We work in groups of six to eight people.


This is a workshop geared especially towards younger people so that they can improve their relationships with themselves, with God and with others; with different dynamics to prevent addictions and co-dependent relationships in their lives.


Work on the essential issues and steps for recovery essential to heal from Codependency in a safe environment through personal and small group work, supported by an Inner Healing prayer process.

  • Effect of abuse on self-esteem.
  • Personal work to increase self-esteem.
  • Essential issues to change from a Codependency to a positive partnership in relationships.
  • Learning Healthy Limits.
  • Thought distortion.
  • Inventory on character defects.
  • Clarification Values & virtues.

    This course gives us the opportunity to learn to pray and know the wonderful power that prayer has in inner healing. The purpose is to be able to heal the different wounds that have marked us in our lives and that today affect us and our relationships. These wounds have to do with our history, hence it is important to be able to touch them with the healing love of Jesus. The only way to deal with so much pain is through the presence of Jesus and the precious help of prayer.
    In this course you will be able to remember significant moments in your life that left a mark on you and listen to the experiences of other people who will perhaps put you in contact with memories that you had already forgotten due to the magnitude of the pain they caused you. The grace of God will reveal them to you little by little, in addition to accompanying you in this process.


    Erik Erikson's work through the eight stages of development of the healthy and integrated person, helps us understand the nature of a person at each stage. It shows us what is the virtue that is obtained in each stage so that we know our lack and in faith, we ask for the graces we need.
    We believe in the Healing Power of Jesus Christ and in his desire to restore in us our ability to love and be loved, to remember the path that leads us to reconnect with Him and get in touch with our purpose in life.
    This workshop allows us to realize what we did not obtain before, for whatever reasons, to obtain it now. It is never too late to help our inner child to grow, to gain everything it did not have, to live its losses and the processes of forgiveness.


    It is necessary to be aware that much of the suffering in our lives we do not have to endure as a requirement of our human condition since most of the time it is due to a primary wound made against the depths of our human essence.
    This course takes you to discover the abuse you suffered, to know the abusive behaviors that you were subjected to and to heal by letting your true identity emerge, forgiving the people who hurt you and begin to be happy.
    Some of the abuses that we will deal with will be physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual.


    The human being is born with the purpose to love and be loved. These experiences of love from earliest childhood, allow us to feel connected with ourselves, with others, with God and the universe. Sometimes, for different experiences in life, these bridges that connect us to the sources of love are broken, creating a deep sense of loss and grief.
    This workshop has the purpose to help us learn how to process losses, living one loss at a time, such as:

  • Not having had parents who loved us as we needed and deserved.
  • Not having a healthy family environment.
  • Losing a family member through death, travel, divorce, etc.
  • Losing economic stability.
  • The list of losses and grief can be endless and therefore the need to learn to process them, in order to be able to live in the present moment.


    Who loves himself is capable of loving and acknowledging others. This workshop has as its goal to help you:

  • Define self-esteem
  • Acknowledge where it comes from.
  • Evaluate your self-esteem
  • Facilitate a change of dysfunctional attitudes towards the self for more functional ones.

  • It also allows you to discover how a low self-esteem sabotages your achievements in life establishing wrong beliefs about your dignity and worth a person; affecting your behavior, your abilities, your way of relating in your family, work and social and preventing you to achieve your goals.


    This is a workshop that helps you so as to not sink more and more into depression. It helps you to heal little by little the dark moments of your life leading you to the light and to discover that the mission of every human being is to be free and happy. Depression prevents you from seeing the good in your life. It invites you to come out of the hole where this illness has sunk you. It brings you from sadness to seeing that your life has many options if you know how to find them and to discover by your faith that the pain suffered is not permanent, that you can come out of it and realize that you have never been alone, and that you can learn from depression and grow as a human being.Curso de fin de semana.


    It is never late to clear our own history, how it affected us, what we learned from it and the consequences that made us fear to love unconditionally. This program helps people to gain awareness of the quality of their relationships with their father, mother, brothers and sisters, and to learn how all this formed their personality acknowledging that sometimes it is necessary to start a deep process of forgiveness in order to be freed of resentments that threatens to destroy our health and sometimes our lives.


    The goal of this workshop is to help people enter in touch with their real feelings, know them, know their origin, and learn to work with them through different techniques..
    We will touch deeply in the following feelings.

  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Sadness
  • Fear

  • Whoever is not in touch with his/her emotions and feelings, has a barrier to be able to relate to others.



    Codependence is a disease that manifests itself, in the inability to relate in a healthy relationship, since codependents are not in touch with others because they are not, in touch with themselves. A codependent has self-esteem problems, setting functional boundaries, caring for their own needs and issues with maturity and dealing with reality.
    Codependence Workshops aim to help the participant to choose and engage in freer human relations:


    "It is not what you live that sickens you, but the way you carry these experiences in your body"
    ¿Did you know that your body holds the memory of what you have lived, even when your mind has denied or forgotten it?
    This workshop is based on the technique of Biospiritual Focusing, it teaches, in a simple and respectful way, the body language and the way feelings are expressed, enhancing therapeutic processes and favoring the Physical, emotional and spiritual integration.
    Whoever learns to get in touch with his / her feelings and what is real in him / her, everything changes in him even if nothing else changes for him. ​.


    Prenatal studies have shown with certainty, that all our experiences in the womb, from conception to birth, produce a significant and prolonged effect on our lives, forming a template in which our physical, emotional and spiritual development is supported.
    In this way, stressful events experienced by parents during the pregnancy of the baby such as: stressful relationship, difficult economic situation, family problems, illness, losses of all kinds, abuse, etc., cause a great deal of suffering and stress in the baby.
    Much greater suffering and stress will be brought to the baby if it was a high-risk pregnancy, there was separation from the mother for several days, the baby was put in an incubator, not to mention when the baby was an unwanted child, the parents were afraid to lose the baby or had thoughts of or attempted abortion, he/she was given up for adoption.
    Even if the pregnancy developed in the best of conditions, the process of birth itself is a stressful and traumatic event for the baby, especially when there were obstetric interventions such as: Caesarean section, forceps, anesthesia, use of inductors, etc. ., that many of them are necessary to save the life of the baby or the mother, but many others could have been avoided.
    In any of the above situations, such events are potentially traumatic and produce shock, leaving the baby pre and perinatal memories which have negative and lasting impacts, that affect the child’s development.

    This trauma or shock can leave physical scars as orthopedic problems, other diseases, motor disorders, cerebral palsy, neurological damage, etc.
    It can also manifest itself in psychological and emotional aspects such as hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, excessive crying or inability to cry, difficulty feeding, lack of sleep, sudden anger, phobias, a tendency to leave things unfinished, problems with authority, inability to form healthy bonds, inability to perform work, difficulty making decisions, among many others.
    These consequences will not disappear while the shock is not resolved and remain limiting the integral development of the person: baby, child, youth or adult. In our experience the gains that have been achieved with this treatment are that the person discovers the roots of his/her limitations, the treatment help solve the shock and the person acquires power to change what he/she feels the need to change.
    Treatment of Birth Trauma brings hope because it is never too late to live better