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San José Prayer Center. Chihuahua, Chi., Mexico

"San José A.C." Prayer Center is a community of prayer which embraces individuals, couples and families who suffer emotional and spiritual wounds. The objective is that they have adequate relationships, reaching harmony and the development of their integrated self.

Located in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México and founded in 1993 by Ing. Manuel Pérez Chávez and Lic. Josefina Ordóñez de Pérez.

The Center aims to influence the improvement of society, that can be achieved when each person tries to heal their interpersonal relationships, acts consciously and responsibly as family and community member.

The San José center, is part of the Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe, made up of prayer centers located in the United States, México, Spain and Costa Rica, all with ample experience in healing and personal growth.

Father James J. Wheeler S.J designed the “School of Spiritual Growth and inner healing”, based on the knowledge of the Sacred Scripture, in order to find there the source for healing. That is where the Prayer Centers of the Society emerge from.

The work done through personal attention, workshops for human and spiritual development, seminaries and retreats, which are supported by professionals of high recognition and impeccable ethics, as is the Center of Spiritual and Emotional Growth and recovery A.C.., founded by Doctors in Psychology María Esther Barnetche Pous and Elia María Barnetche de Maqueo, authors of the book "l Want To Be Free".

The Center also belongs to the affiliated network of the Biospiritual Research Institute, where they work on people learning to be with that which is real within their bodies, listening to its language and unique wisdom. The founders of this Institute are the priests and Doctors in psychology Edwin M. McMahon, y Peter A. Campbell, who through different studies have found that the experience of grace in the body can heal the behaviors that destroy the community.

The workshops and writings show that the mechanisms of control and codependency can be transformed through the corporal experience of grace. The Bio-Spiritual focus that they teach, offers a healthy process, simple and practical to be in contact with the corporal awareness.

Authorities of the San José Prayer Center

  • Archbishop of Chihuahua, Don Constancio Miranda Weckmann
  • Monsignor Luis Padilla L., appointed by the Archbishop as advisor to the Center.
  • Dra. María Esther Barnetche Pous, Director of the Society of Our lady of Guadalupe.
  • Council of San José Center, directed by Ing. Manuel Pérez Chávez and Lic. Josefina Ordóñez de Pérez.

Manual para el taller de Enfoque Interior. Nivel 1. Edwin McMahon Ph.D y Peter Campbell Ph.D. Instituto para la investigación espiritual. Versión revisada: 1990. Traducción: Gloria Montemayor de Guerra.


The mission of the Center is that of a community of prayer embracing individuals, couples and families who suffer emotional and spiritual wounds in the name of Jesus Christ, accompanying them in the process of healing so they may achieve adequate relationships, reach harmony and development of the whole being in such a way that they can experience the love of God.
In this way we contribute in the improvement of our community through the people and programs prepared for this ministry.


In the past five years more than 4 thousand people with different problems have been attended. There is constant addition of testimony from Young people who have gotten out of drugs, couples who have saved their marriages, people who have found meaning in their lives, and have recovered from loss.
The Center has supported different drug rehabilitation centers such as Ave Fénix A.C, CAPACH and House of Mother Teresa de Calcuta; it has participated in schools such as the Montessori Center of Chihuahua, The School of Morelos and the La Salle Institute. It also helps the organization Vida y familia A.C, VIFAC, and supports the abandoned pregnant mothers; as well as the “Granja Hogar de los Niños”.
Parishes where workshops are given:

  • Santa Teresita Parish,
  • Santa Rosalía Parish,
  • Resurrección Parish (Cerro de la Cruz),
  • Espíritu Santo Parish,
  • Señor de los Guerreros (Villa Juárez),
  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Col. Rosario),
  • Corpus Cristi (Villas del Rey) Parish,
  • Asunción de María Parish,
  • Parish del Señor de la Misericordia.

    This is an intensive workshop where the person goes through their life identifying the trauma in each stage so that they can be healed. You work from elderly age to the newborn stage.


    It’s an intensive course of awareness of the importance of gestation and birth and to heal wounds that are derived from that moment in the history of each person. You work from birth to conception.


    Society has gone through different processes of violence which has hurt the hearts of thousands of people. The bereavement workshop is for all those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, of health, who are going through a divorce, among other things. Through the different sessions the person receives support to help overcome the pain that the situation causes and, in that way move forward with their lives.


    This is an intensive workshop through which, among other things, the experience of God’s grace in the body can heal the wounds of a person.


    This is based on the knowledge of Sacred Scripture, so as to find in it the source of healing. People take this once they belong to a community and are integrated within the San Jose Center.


    The objective is to improve relationships with oneself, with God and with others; through working on co-dependency and broken relationships, childhood lacks and difficulties in living healthy boundaries.


    The objective is that the person recognizes themselves as worthy and unique who cannot be duplicated through working their self-esteem.


    This is a workshop focused on strengthening prayer, and on the healing through prayer.


    This is a workshop geared especially towards younger people so that they can improve their relationships with themselves, with God and with others; with different dynamics to prevent addictions and co-dependent relationships in their lives.


    This is a workshop geared towards younger people aiming that they improve their self-esteem and recognize themselves as unique beings, worthy and not able to be duplicated.


    This is a workshop geared to men with the objective that they improve the relationship within themselves, with God and with others; through working self-awareness on the damages in sexuality, lacks as a child, ways of reacting with others, etc.