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San Francisco de Asís Prayer Center. ​Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This great blessing started in Monterrey in the year of 1994 when it took place an Inner Healing retreat in this city, given by Maria Esther and Elia Barnetche and Tesha. After this retreat the Catholic Renewal Movement in our city bought the material of these conferences with these material we started our workshops.

Nelson and Isamary Garcia were the coordinators and P. Javier Hinojosa was the spiritual director and P. David Garcia Limon was the spiritual director of the Renewal in Monterrey. All this worked as a ministry in the Catholic Renewal Groups and these workshops have been given from that year to this year 2016. These workshops were given only in the church of Our Lady of Carmen.

In 1996, current directors Ramon and Bertha started giving these workshops in San Nicolas which is the renewal house of the diocese in Monterrey. In 2002 these workshops started in the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary.

In 2011 Gloria Montemayor and Maria Esther visit us by petition of Veronica Cervantes, who gives the workshops in the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary and we were 6 people who assisted at this meeting. We were excited to hear of how these workshops had grown and how we needed to grow. We had been praying for 2 years, pleading God that he sent us someone to help us grow in this field and here was the answer. This was a great blessing for us.

From this year to now we went to Mexico City and lived the “Bioespiritual Focusing” retreat and we started to train us with other workshops from the Prayer Center of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and our Lord started to extend this to more parishes. To this day we give these workshops in the renewal house, and in the following parishes: Holy Cross, Our Lady of the Rosary, Saint Phillip of Jesus, Saint Luke Evangelist, Saint Francis of Asis, Saint John the Baptist and Our Lord of Mercy.

In the diocese the workshops are given to a group of deaf and mute people and in the Family Pastoral. Our actual spiritual director is Rev. Mario Tamez.

Our desire is to serve God in this ministry so important and necessary for his children. A priest once told us, “I have seen so many problems in young people, in children and in the matrimonies and I have arrived to the conclusion that what is needed to solve these problems is a personal encounter with Jesus and to heal our wounds”. We want like Saint Francis, to be instruments of peace, take love where there is hatred, forgiveness where there is insult, faith where there is doubt, hope where there is discouragement, light where there is darkness and joy where there is sadness. This year 2016 we have been accepted as a Prayer Center and we have taken the name of San Francisco de Asís..


  • Ramón Garza Villarreal
  • Bertha H. Marroquín Ruiz
  • Verónica Cervantes
  • Juan Sosa Rojas
  • Dra. Irma Castillo Soto
  • Ofelia Estrada Estrada
  • María del Rosario Morales
  • Ma del Carmen Macías
  • Hilda Cavazos Cavazos
  • Blanca E. Rodríguez
  • Elinda Rodríguez González
  • Ana Ma Cleto Moráles
  • Juana María Galvan Zacarias
  • Lucy Esquivel

  1. Sergio Ruan Rivera
  2. Margarita Cantú
  3. Janet Oranday Cerda
  4. Rosalinda Martínez L.
  5. Ramón Montelongo
  6. Diana Treviño Villarreal
  7. Susana Martínez Mercado
  8. Maricruz Segovia Vázquez
  9. Lorena Garza
  10. Guadalupe Vicencio
  11. Maria Amparo Olivares
  12. Gloria López Portales
  13. Hermelinda Sariñana Hdz.
  14. Lezith Sol Lara Reyes


Spiritual Director:
Director: Ramón Garza Villarreal and Bertha H. Marroquín de Garza.
Vice Principal: Verónica Cervantes.
Secretary: Ofelia Estrada Estrada and Janet Oranday Cerda.
Treasurer: Diana Treviño Villarreal and Elida Rodríguez González.
Theme Trainer: María Del Carmen Macías Gamboa and Rosalinda Martínez Lerma.
Intercession: Ramón Montelongo
Events: Ana Ma. Cleto Morales, Sergio Ruan, Juana María Galván.
Psychological Assistance   Lic. Susana Martínez.
Responsible for communication:   Guadalupe Virginia Vicencio.
Musical Equipment:  Sergio Ruan y Juana María Galván.


Our mission as Prayer Center is to serve God serving our brothers, Gods children. We want to take our brothers to have a personal encounter with Jesus as he encounters himself, falls in love with Jesus and experiences the great and unconditional love that Jesus has for them.
We want to be instruments of Gods peace for his people just like Saint Francis of Asis. Our mission is to take love where there is hatred, forgiveness where there is insult, faith where there is doubt, hope where there is discouragement, light where there is darkness and joy where there is sadness.
All this with the power and unconditional love of our lord Jesus Christ.


Our vision is to be present in every Parish of the Diocese of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and that way serve as instruments of inner healing for Gods people, contributing to make this society a better place to live in and take many hearts to Jesus.


"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." (Jn. 15, 5).
Servants: Bonded to Jesus Christ we want to be His servants, so giving our life totally to Him.
Obedience: Obeying with love His orders.
Humbleness and prayer: Praying and being humble to recognize His will in our lives and being faithful to that will.
Inner Healing: Treating with love and simplicity our brothers in need and wounded who come to the Center so we can guide them in the process of inner healing.



We have the ministry of intercession coordinated by Ma. Dolores Vázquez Mendoza y Ramón Montelongo Rocha.



We attend everyone who needs personal help through listening with love and focusing.


This takes 2 years of growing spiritually very united to Jesus. Experience in our life how He lived, the different moments of crisis in life.


Healing the inner child: Get to discover how we were abused and permit Jesus to heal us, so our inner child can mature.


We experience the power of prayer and learn different ways of praying for and with others.


Different ways of praying to heal life’s wounds.


Healing of the codependency. Get to learn about the codependency and diagnose this in our life.


Recovering from Codependency: Through prayer be able to recover from the codependency.


Go through the process of the different stages of life and permit Jesus to heal them. This is from conception to old age.